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Hi, friends! You have reached Robert M. Utley, a.k.a. The Old Bison. I assume most of you have enough interest in me to access this web site. You probably know of me as the author of many books and other publications dealing with various aspects of the American West.

That I am, but as a historian for my entire career (Iím now early in my eighties) I emerge from two traditions: addiction to writing about the history of the West, and a long-time career in the National Park Service logoNational Park Service, which I served as its chief historian during one of the most critical periods in its history. Even then I wrote books, and since retiring from the federal government in 1980 I have devoted myself almost entirely to writing books. I still consider myself a proud veteran of the National Park Service and keep current with its people and activities. The two traditions were not separate. I kept one foot in both traditions and another in academia and its various professional offsprings. I am a product of all those experiences.

For those who wish to know more about me and these experiences, consult my memoir, Custer and Me: A Historian's Memoir , published by the University of Oklahoma Press in 2004. If you are looking for a The cover of my memoir, Custer and Me: A Historian's Memiorparticular book, including my memoir, virtually all are still in print and available under Robert M. Utley at Less digestible but providing ample detail is my CV, as well as a list of my publications.

I now live in a retirement community in Scottsdale, Arizona, with my wife of thirty years, Melody Webb. Sheís also a published author and a veteran of the National Park Service.

You may e-mail me at You canít call me because I am severely hearing impaired, though otherwise in fairly good health. I still write, with my previous book being a biography of Geronimo, published in 2013 by Yale University Press.

An Army Doctor on the Western Frontier book cover

An Army Doctor
on the Western Frontier

Journals and Letters of
John Vance Lauderdale, 1864-1890

Edited and Annotated

Available April 2014

at and other fine retailers

Assigned to the District of Utah during the Civil War, physician John Vance Lauderdale spent the next twenty-five years on army posts in the American West, serving in California, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Texas. Throughout his career he kept a detailed journal and sent long letters home to his sister in upstate New York. This selection of Lauderdaleís writings offers an insightful account of army life that will teach readers much about the settlement and growth of the West in a time of rapid change.

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